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What Are Assessments

So What are Assessments Anyways?

Regardless if this is your first season or 5th, we are thrilled to have you join us!  Part of what makes Softball so amazing is the group effort it takes to truly become a TEAM.  

Assessments are a great way to bring all of our players together, meet new friends, reconnect with old friends and highlight their own individual strengths.  It allows our coaches to help pinpoint areas of needed development, as well as ensure we have well rounded teams so that all of our players, brand new to the most experienced can get the most out of their season.

But let's be honest, the word "assessment” can be a daunting term for even the most seasoned player.  That is NOT what this day is about. This is NOT a tryout, but instead a time for coaches to evaluate and make a solid game plan to create the most successful season they can have.

Players will participate in 2 main assessments: fielding and hitting.  They will get the opportunity to catch pop fly's, throw to various bases as well as hit off of the pitching machine and run the bases/slide. NO player will be asked to do anything they are uncomfortable doing. So if your player is not yet sliding, do not worry! Our goal is for the girls to walk away from assessments feeling great and ready to play ball!